A brief history of Killymuck Farm

  • The name Killymuck comes from the Irish and means, ‘the wooded area of the pig’ 
  • Originally part of the lands owned by the kings of Ulster, the O’Neils, in the 15th century.
  • After the Flight of the Earls the land was granted to the English and Scottish settlers.
  • Killymuck farm house and stone outbuildings were established in the mid 17th century
  • The yeomanry guard were stationed at Killymuck during the 1798 rebellion.
  • The land was improved during the 1840s
  •  In the early 1900’s the barn, which is now the art studio was improved and  a horse thresher was installed. The Parlour Cottage, which was originally used as a cart house, was converted into a milking parlour.
  • The recent renovations into the Parlour Cottage and art studio were completed in 2006-2008